Misha Grimes is YouTube and Instagram superstar and her career as a fashion influencer and vlogger has seen her travel all over the world! Misha Grimes took part in the Miss Teen Great Britain competitions three times before she won the World Teen Supermodel UK crown in 2015! Misha then travelled to the international World Supermodel final in South Africa where she placed in the Top 7 and won the Best in Swimwear award! Misha’s pageant success didn’t stop there, in 2017 Misha won the Miss Teen Galaxy England crown and travelled to the USA for the international final where she won the Miss Teen Galaxy crown! Since then, Misha’s career has completely taken off! Her YouTube and Instagram following has grown massively and she continues to work with some incredible brands!

September 30th 2012 my life changed forever; not because I won a pageant but because it was the first time I competed in one… 
13-year-old little Misha somehow stumbled upon the Miss Teen GB website and begged and pleaded with her Mumma Grimes to let her apply to the 2012 competition. Fast forward 6 months and there I was stood on The Globe theatre stage taking my very first steps in my pageant journey (trust me there where plenty more steps to come). 
Trying to encapsulate my pageant past in a few sentences is rather difficult but to cut an extremely long story short after 4 years competing at Miss Teen GB I walked away with my dream title in 2016 (but the dream lives on in me). 
The only way I can truly explain just how much competing in Miss Teen GB has positively shaped me is to use Pappa Grimes as an example; For those 4 years he never once came to single competition, he never once took me to an appearance or got involved at all in the pageant world. It’s not because he disapproved of pageantry he just didn’t get it. Well, I can tell you that now he gets it. He truly believes pageants have made me the confident young lady I am and helped progress my career and future endeavours in ways he never expected. 
You see I am one of those weird people – A YouTuber! Without growing up in pageantry; putting myself out there and stepping outside my comfort zone I would not have the confidence to publish videos of myself across the interweb for all to see. You see a pageant isn’t just about getting onstage in a pretty gown. From being a part of Miss Teen GB I have learnt that family doesn’t just have to be by blood, charity doesn’t always start at home, distance will never stop friendships, interviews really aren’t that scary, public speaking isn’t easier if you picture people naked, you really can’t judge a book by its cover and life isn’t just about the final goal but the journey…
Fast forward 6+ years since beginning my pageant adventure and I am now a fully fledged ‘social media influencer’ living out her dream career working with brands like Pretty Little Thing, Revolve, Amazon & Missguided to name a few. I am so very proud of myself for having the courage to do exactly what I thought was impossible and that is thanks to Pageants and the Pageant Girl family for encouraging me to believe in my wildest dreams… 
Do it. Enter. I promise you would never regret it!  

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